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Walk In The Woods

‘Walk In The Woods’ is a personal journey rooted in my childhood. It’s a visual exploration of the symbiotic relationship between the natural world and the human spirit, capturing the elusive moments that resonate with the universal emotions of awe, reverence, and introspection.

My family moved from the bustling city of Glasgow to the quiet countryside when I was ten years old, I found myself surrounded by open fields and dense forests, a stark contrast to the urban landscape that I had known.

I vividly remember my first venture – trundling through the forest with my new found friends, they were eager to introduce me to their playground – the ‘Lanfine Woods’, it scared me – the towering trees, the unfamiliar sounds and the palpable presence of the unseen forces that weave through the forest, a sense of something bigger than me and that I was not alone.

I’ve tried to capture and project the essence of these feelings into my images and am fascinated by others’ reaction to them – do they find them sinister, ethereal, magical or calming?