The pear has a multiplicity of meanings and has been used in art as a symbol as far back as the Romans on the walls of Pompeii. Gothic and Early Renaissance painters used the pear to represent marital faith but it also symbolized inner peace.

 In some cultures it symbolizes affection. In christian contexts the pear symbolizes the Virgin and Child, probably because of it’s sweetness. It also bestows wisdom and health, the Chinese considered the pear as a symbol of immortality.

In ancient Greece, pears were used against nausea as a natural remedy. In the Odyssey, Greek poet Homer refers to pears as “a gift of gods.”

Pear leaves were smoked before tobacco became popular in Europe.

The pear in contemporary art can have different meanings, i.e. transitory and momentary. Consuming seasonal pears has benefits for your health, the environment and sustainable development, because the pear is grown in the UK then there are no air miles.

The first print showcased below is a hand-crafted albumen salt print (as seen at the RPS – Squaring The Circles exhibition). The following two prints are cyanotypes, one regular blue and one toned – with it’s beautiful cold inky blu’ish black dark tones and it’s warm mid tones.

All the images on this page are available as hand-made prints and giclee prints. Please call or email me for details.

Below are the original digital images.