Fractured Whispers

In the heart of these ancient Celtic / Atlantic rainforest’s is where the veil between the worlds is thinnest!

I can almost hear the murmurs of bygone tales, tales that echo through the ages and stir the imagination of bards and storytellers, every branch tells a story, every leaf whispers a secret, and every shadow holds a fragment of forgotten lore. Here, in these enchanted forests, myths take root and stories come alive.

In ‘Fractured Whispers’, I explore the Celtic-Atlantic rainforests, drawing inspiration from their rich tapestry of myths, folklore, and imagination. Influenced not only by the captivating allure of the untold stories these ancient landscapes hold, I invite viewers to venture into the mystical.

As I wander through the moss-laden canopies, I become acutely aware of the subtle presence of something bigger and greater than me. Arboreal visages, appear as whispers from another realm, inviting us to explore the delicate balance between reality and myth, glimpses of the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary, hidden amongst the trees.

Through gum printing, I’ll infuse each image with the very essence of the rainforest itself. By using foraged pigments, derived from the forest floor, a symbiotic relationship emerges between art and nature.

The resulting prints become a conduit, bridging the tangible and the intangible, the seen and the unseen, offering viewers a glimpse into the ancient heart of the rainforest. ‘Fractured Whispers’ rekindles our connection to nature, urging protection of these dwindling rainforest fragments. Echoing timeless wisdom, it guides us to understand our place within the natural world.’

The 4 images below are gum bichromate tri colour, hand made prints, made with 8 layers of watercolour pigment and 3 cmy negatives. The 9 panel print was made with 27 negatives.

The images below are the original digital captures for this series. Gum prints and limited edition giclee prints are available to buy.